Pristine Values


Loofah sponge is a vegetable product that is sustainable and biodegradable. loofah sponges are the fibrous interiors of the fruits of the loofah sponge gourd plant (Luffa aegyptiaca Mill.). A native of the Asian tropics, loofah is found throughout warm tropical, sup-tropical and temperate areas.


Loofah sponge softens immediately when it is dipped in water. Apply your favorite soap, and enjoy the sensation of natural freshness. Use an up and down motion for legs and arms. Use a circular motion for the back and body. Avoid broken skin areas. Massage young skin very gently after scrubbing it with loofah.


Loofah sponge is a natural fiber and if not properly cared for, will attract the growth of mold and micro organisms that will cause skin problems. It is therefore important to keep loofah sponge clean and dry when not in use. The net of straw colored fibers will puff up again if the loofah is moistened.

NOTE: If you have dry skin, adding more avocado or almond oil offers more moisture. Foot scrubs using loofah are very effective.

Benefits of ECO Snehi

  • ECO Snehi loofah sponge not only removes dead skin cells, but also massages, deep cleanses and naturally conditions your skin. The Kushi anti-cancer program suggests scrubbing the skin 2 times a day to enhance circulation at the skin level and to promote the excretory function of the skin..
  • ECO Snehi is also very effective in removing calluses from the knees, ankle, palm and feet. It also helps control body and foot odor.
  • Folliculitis is a condition that causes facial and body hair to begin to grow beneath the skin. The Loofah’s natural exfoliating ability helps to keep this condition under control when used properly.
  • Loofah is gentle on your skin
  • Extremely soft in water
  • Treated and processed
  • One for everyone in the family