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Loofah or  loofah  as the world knows has been among the many backyard available sources in India and other Asian countries since time immemorial. a natural exfoliate that removes dead cells on the skin and rejuvenates them. it has many other benefits. however, the drawback lies in growing them and sourcing them in good condition.

No more plastic on skin. ECO Snehi Loofah, the natural body scrub is here.The world is switching to nature's gifts. For sensible and healthy reasons, no doubt. Loofah is one such gift that is finding growing acceptance and usage the world over.And why not? Loofah has endless benefits for your skin and the nature itself. As a natural ex-foliate body scrub and other endless uses, this vegetable is grown in abundance in India. At Pristine Values, we are applying technology and knowledge to optimize and bring to the world the very best of nature.

Pristine values sources and processes loofah in large quantities which are then treated and specially processed for ECO Snehi. with extensive research and sourcing capabilities, we can deliver huge quantities and customized requirements across the world. get in touch with us and we can even help you formulate your ideas in loofah.

ECO Snehi loofahs are a transition of this process, specially pruned and sourced from the best regions and treated and processed. ECO Snehi is a result of selecting the best from the best. After all, nothing but the best will do for your skin.

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